Voice Your Brand is something that has been in the works for a very long time...and with the dawn of a new year, and a new season in my own life (Don and I are now empty-nesters), the time has arrived. Hello internet. Hello photographers. Hello world. 

My vision has always been to have an online resource for photographers to find relevant, timely, actionable marketing information that could elevate their businesses. I envisioned a content-rich site that was also visually appealing because after all, we're all artists and very visual. 

Why VOICE your BRAND? Because I see a big need in our industry to help photographers voice (aka MARKET) their message (aka BRAND) to their audience in a unique and authentic way.

Truth be told, I've seen outside industries in the entrepreneurial world far ahead of our own in terms of the explosion of social media and it's application to marketing.

Coming from Corporate America prior to opening my photography business 10 years ago, marketing has always intrigued me. It truly is the wheel of any business and when a company, aka, a photography business, gets it right, the sky is the limit in terms of success. 

This website is the vehicle whereby I will share my answers, my business knowledge, my experiences. There will be free monthly downloads, weekly business and marketing advice (on the blog) and many new additions going forward.

I am very excited to be offering online education via eCourse Academies for intense marketing and training in the very near future, as well as digital marketing kits, program, and product downloads that will elevate your business and help you voice your brand to the world.

Our flagship workshop, entitled The VYB Workshop, is being offered at the opening of the website, with future workshops to be announced. 

Be on the lookout, we've only just begun.