I've been sharing a lot about my productivity lately on Periscope TV , aka, my favorite go-to apps for organizing my business and my life! We all have our favorites. The newest app added to my arsenal is EVERNOTE (thank you Lori Nordstrom and Clark Sanders for the strong recommendation). Everyone that uses it raves about it. I looked into several years ago and for whatever reason, at the time, it seemed too complicated. I'm all about easy-peasy simplification.

Productivity to me means SAVING TIME with SIMPLICITY. If an app is too time consuming on my end to set up, I tend to use it for a few days and then it lives on one of the back pages of my iPhone, dormant, after that. I look for apps that sync with other platforms and improve my day in some little way.

By the way, I've spent quite a bit investing in lots of productivity, organization and photo-related apps. This list is compiled based on much money and time spent on many options out there.

Here are my top 12 apps that help me organize everything from my daily to-do list, my goals, my photography session for high school seniors and families as well as my senior style shoots, grocery list, photo managers, and more.

1. ERRANDS. This sounds like a simple little "errands" app. It's not. It's SO much more. I use this for my main "To Do" list for the main reason that it allows a few features I want and need in a list/task manager. After searching through hundreds of apps and actually spending money on many, this is the one I settled into. I like it for the ability to write out a Master List (BRAIN DUMP) and then create several categories with ease. If I type a task ONCE I never want to type it again---this accommodates that.  NOTE: After spending much time with Evernote, I will not be leaving Errands behind. Evernote has a list manager but I find it too manual and cumbersome to apply my to-do list management into the Notebooks section of Evernote. Errands is just EXCELLENT for that. PS: It's perfect for the mobile-verion application of The Crush Goal Plan


2. EVERNOTE: I have found the beauty of Evernote---and while have yet to see the reason to use it's limited list-function for my daily to-do list, I love its robust ability to save notes, clippings, articles and more together with organizing my model shoots into themes. It allows me to save my mood board photos in the same notebook so that everything about a photo shoot is right there in its own folder. I plan on writing a single post about Evernote in the near future. I admit I have much more to learn about the amazing app.

3. 30/30: The perfect app that allows you to set up ROUTINES that are timed. I use this on a day where time is a crunch and I have to stay focused and on schedule. I highly suggest this app for keeping yourself on schedule during a very busy day.

4. DRAGON DICTATION. Yes, there are many voice recorders in the app store, but this little app is brilliant for allowing me to dictate a blog post into my phone speaker, correct any words I see (very easily---more so than with the normal type tool in iPhone) and then email the content to myself. Brilliant times 10.

5. iWATERMARK: This is one of several tools I use for "marketing from my phone". This app allows me to watermark my images after sending them to myself either via email or dropbox. Lots of watermarks already loaded for those that are not photographers, but what I love is the ability to load my own logo and branding.

6. HOOTSUITE: For scheduling and managing my social media right from my mobile device. Also a GREAT app for this: BUFFER.

7. RELEASES (by Snapwire): The amazing in-phone (or iPad) model-release app that clients can sign on my phone with their finger. Voila!

8. PIC FLOW: The easy to use---easy to create slide-show maker. The best I've found for the style videos I create right in my phone.

9. FIVERR & UPWORK: Yes, they BOTH have apps that allow me to view the applicants and status of items I've sourced out. It's an easy way to manage outsourced jobs on the go.

10. IF THIS THAN THAT (IFTTT): A fun little app that I've recently discovered that automates everyday tasks between apps by creating custom recipes with "if this, then that" statements. Exaample: Want to make sure your photo from an Instagram post actually posts into twitter when you automate that function within IG? Set up this recipe: "If I post a photo on Instagram, post it into twitter WITH the photo". Bam. 

11.iCATCHER: I have to admit something here. I JUST discovered the amazing world of podcasts. I'm not even kidding. I LOVE listening to podcasts everyday for motivation and inspiration! I'll write a blogpost about my favorites. So...iCatcher. It collects all of your favorite podcasts into a playlist! Love it.

12. SOONER: While this is a task and list manager, I have used it specifically for projects, blog content ideas and goals. I love the color-wheel interface and the ability to create multiple sub-lists. This app makes me so happy when I open it. NOTE: I'm still listing this app because I adore it---however----I'm in the process of migrating it over to Evernote. Listing it here because it's worth checking into if you're not on the Evernote bandwagon.