Can you believe it's already a New Year? Hello 2018!

Many entrepreneurs have set goals for the year. Others are still working on them.

Well, not to worry if you've missed goal-setting mark because I have a free self-study course that will get you back on track.

It's called The Crush Goal Plan. It's is a 5-Part System for setting goals...and actually achieving them. 

Part of the secret sauce of achieving goals is in the DAILIES, aka, daily blocks of time devoted to working on "projects-only".

I've used this system for years...since my days in an extremely stressful and busy corporate job. What I learned back then is that a "To Do" list is not something that ever goes's a revolving list that changes every day.

But it's also a list that can consume every moment of every day...unless you set boundaries with it and actually schedule in "daily time" to work on a goal! 

Waiting for the all-elusive "perfect time" is unrealistic. That perfect time never comes.

Through the years, I've learned to incorporate "block-scheduled time" to allow myself 30 to 60 minutes every single day to work towards the accomplishment of a project or goal.

It's truly the only way I have found to actually find time to work on "projects" that are outside of my daily workflow. I've learned to BLOCK OUT TIME for them.

This truly is where the “secret sauce” is. The most successful entrepreneurs work on their project-goals every day and it’s the single thing that sets them apart from those that don’t reach their goals.

It’s easy to get lost working “in” your business; it’s important to also work “on” your business.

Block out 30 to 60 minutes every single day to step away from the every-day workflow of your business so that you can devote actionable time towards the goals that will elevate your business.



Teri Fode