Instagram tips to change your business for entrepreneurs who are building a business online.
Social Media is just like a party - you can’t walk by someone without saying “Hi” or you’ll be considered rude.

If you have a business and you want to grow it, Instagram is the place to be - #duh.

But you already knew that. You’re here because you want to know how to continue (or start) to reach and connect with your people.

Here are 5 ways I’m expanding my own audience right now after taking a “hiatus” from the daily grind for over a year. And…this is working.

01/ TELL A STORY - DON’T PREACH I know there I go talking about “storytelling” again. But it’s true and it works.

IG is visual. Share your brand through visual images + videos combined with “micro-stories” or “mini-blogs” in your captions.

Start talking to your audience like it’s just the two of you: your bestie and you together at Starbucks chatting over lattes.

02/ USE THE VIDEO PLATFORMS - THEY WORK! Instagram knows people can’t get enough video content and so they’ve expanded it to several platforms for us to choose from.

From IG Stories, to live to full 60-second videos that can be combined in a carousel with other content to 10 minute videos on IGTV, it’s clear that video is the place to be.

Not only that, Instagram ha clearly shown us what they want us to use. AKA, the algorithm. They want us to use video, people.

If you find yourself saying “I’m too boring” or “I’m too scared”, no worries my friend. I know your pain. I’ve been there.

But I got over it because I saw the gigantic opportunity to connect with the right tribe - and now I have an eCourse to help you through your fears and to teach you how to “promote you”, at this link: Brand My Biz Story

03/ ACTUALLY USE HASHTAGS AS A STRATEGY Remember the day when we used hashtags to #becute and #superfunnylikethis?

Yeah. Not so much anymore. In fact, was it ever really okay? #no

This deserves an entire blog post because it’s a big deal. I know this to be true because we found my daughter Tori’s entire list of vendors for her wedding last fall on Instagram using relevant hashtags!

Choosing the right hashtags is critical to showing up on searches and connecting with the right tribe. More on this soon, I promise.

In the meantime, start taking this serious if you aren’t already and do some research. It matters.

Instagram tips for entrepreneurs that will change your business when you implement them.

04/ EMBRACE IG STORIES You’re thinking “you already mentioned this in #2”. Exactly. And it deserves it’s own point.

IG Stories is the number one platform right now if you are trying to build a business online.

When you know what your brand story blueprint is, you can start rolling out stories that are organic and authentic, but strategized.

This is how people can actually get hooked on you and your brand.

Do you have a blueprint for what you want to share about you + your brand? Time to get one (I help you with this in Brand My Biz Story - otherwise, come up with the top “things” you want to share and start getting it out there, pronto).

05/ CARE ENOUGH TO INVEST THE TIME Listen, I’m all about balance. I don’t think anyone should live on social media without personal and family boundaries.

But if you are looking to build a business, then 30 to 60 minutes per day minimum (excluding your day off) should be spent with an IG Strategy for your brand.

It takes time to market any business and this is now the face of marketing for a brand in our culture.

It truly does take time to build relationships so set aside a scheduled time each day to invest in growing your brand on Instagram.

EXTRA TIP: CALL TO ACTION Do you want people to read your blog post? Download a freebie? Check out your IG Story? Tell them in your post caption exactly what you want them to do.

People will not think “oh, I bet she’s also talking about this in more behind-the-scenes detail in her stories so I’ll go check that out!”. So tell your audience where you want them to go, what action you want them to take or how to engage with your post with a question or clear direction.

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