Time management for entrepreneurs who work from home or have a hard time being distracted. Watch out for these time stealers when planning your day. Top tips for productivity.

The year is moving along at a steady pace and you're working on those goals you set at the beginning of the year (quite possibly with the VYB Crush Goal Plan). You may already feel like you're slipping back into old habits.

Beware: The Entreprenuer Time Thieves.

1. SOCIAL MEDIA. But wait! This is the very thing that ties into your marketing plan, right? Yes and no. Done the right way, the planned way, yes. Getting distracted and ending up on every FB group page you belong to, checking out 5 photographer's business pages, replying to a few personal FB messages and then finding yourself over on Anthropologie's sale page 1 hour later, isn't. Best practice: use the 30/30 app to control your schedule so you aren't wasting precious time searching for things you didn't care about in the first place. 

2. EMAIL. Don't get me wrong, replying to your business emails promptly is critical to good customer service, but replying all day long every time you receive an email is not an efficient use of time. The experts on this subject of time management and your inbox suggest not checking emails in the morning until you've accomplished several major tasks. And then, only check emails 2 scheduled times a day. May seem a bit stringent, but beware of the wasted time you spend replying to every email and being available 24/7 for your clients. 

3. YOUR CELL PHONE. Separate from Social Media, above, there are so many distractions on our cell phones that it's become an epidemic across America. Cell phones are disrupting family meals, coffee dates with friends, and most importantly, valuable working hours that could be spent connecting with a potential client through marketing efforts. If this is an issue for you, consider putting self-imposed rules in place that restrict the times during the day you allow yourself to pick up your phone for anything other than incoming calls.

4. NOT USING A TO-DO LIST OR APP: Spending a few minutes each day planning out your tasks around your editing and photo sessions it the best guard against wasted time. Unplanned days allow for time robbers to creep in such as all 3 items listed above. Structured days actually support efficiency and you'll usually end up with more time to do complete important tasks.

5. THE YES I CAN DO IT ALL SYNDROME: Because no, you can't. You're only one person and there comes a point where you either 1) must say no, 2) hire help 3) outsource. Learning to say no to things you really don't to do anyway will free up much needed time to do the things you know will promote your business and declutter your life.


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