Commit your works to the Lord, and your thoughts will be established.
— Proverbs 16:3

Have you been wondering about how to blend your faith and your business together?

Are you feeling a nudging about it, but at the same time, feeling a little nervous that putting your faith out there might scare clients away?

Have you been noticing lately that other entrepreneurs include scriptures and posts about their faith in their marketing and social media?

Well, my friend, I will boldly point out something that you probably already know: the Lord is pulling at your heart to get your attention. And it likely has to do with this very subject.

Are you feeling a little nervous that it might scare clients away?


You are more than likely reading this because you have already put lots of thought into this idea and the title of this post caught your eye because of that nudging.

I know how you feel because it was the big question I pondered back when I started my business many years ago.

Lots of entrepreneurs contact me about this subject too. They question whether they should merge their faith with their business or whether it will cause issues and turn clients away.

My answer to the client concern? Do what you’re called to do and leave the rest up to God.

Usually, these same emails include a statement that says “I wish I could be as bold as you to include my faith in my brand…”.

Well I’m here to tell you that you can be that bold. But it’s a choice that only you can make. A choice that requires much prayer.

I’m not here to tell you whether or not you should do it. That’s between you and God.

Will some people be turned off by your brand if it’s infused with your faith? Possibly. Probably. Maybe. Yes. All of the above.

But also, your brand will be a magnet to many who are drawn to you because of your faith.

Pray about it. Then make your decision and stick to it with boldness and confidence.

If you come to the decision that you do, in fact, want to marry the two together, here are some actionable and practical ways that you can fuse your faith into your business starting today.

You can be that bold. But it’s a choice that only you can make.


1/ DECLARE YOUR FAITH IN YOUR BIO. One of the best claims to faith is to include it in your “About” page. This section of your website is an opportunity to tell your audience about who you are, what you’re all about and what you stand for in a personal, attention-grabbing way. It’s the perfect place to boldly claim your faith!

2/ SHARE SCRIPTURES ON SOCIAL MEDIA. Share scriptures and faith-based quotes periodically on your Instagram feed. Create visual brand-worthy squares that make a statement.

3/ SHARE YOUR OWN FAITH-FILLED STORIES. Share your everyday stories of faith in both small and big ways in your Instagram Stories to encourage and uplift your viewers.

4/ SHARE STORIES OF FAITH ABOUT CLIENTS. Periodically share a story you run across having to do with faith about a client on your blog. Of course, ask permission first.

5/ SHARE WORDS OF ENCOURAGEMENT. Become known for uplifting others with faith-filled words of encouragement when you comment on other people’s posts out there on social media.

6/ BECOME A PRAYER WARRIOR IN BUSINESS. Offer to pray for your clients when they share things in their life that move you to pray over them. If this is new for you, start out doing it in your own silent prayer time. But as you move forward and get more confident, begin telling your clients that you will be praying for them. The next step? Pray for them right then and there, out loud.

7/ RE-DO YOUR TAGLINE. Consider including a scripture or faith-based statement in your business tagline.

8/ PROTECT BOUNDARIES. There’s nothing more spiritually influential than boldly setting boundaries to protect your time with your family and the day of worship. Especially when you are asked to work on that day and you stand bold for these boundaries.

9/ INSTAGRAM PROFILE. Re-write your Instagram profile to include your faith and/or new faith-filled tagline.

10/ SHARE YOUR OWN TESTIMONY OF FAITH. Pray for opportunities to share your testimony of faith in your business and be bold when the Lord answers that prayer. Look for opportunities to intertwine your faith in the captions of your Instagram and Facebook posts.

Blessings friends!

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