The top marketing ideas for social media, small businesses and entrepreneurs that will transform your year!
Do you know how to tell a story? How about YOUR story?
— Teri Fode

Marketing trends come and go but some key things are here to stay.

This year there are several distinct trends that have a emerged as the top trends for brands across the board!

Ready? Let’s go.

01/ STORYTELLING It’s a buzz word and you’ve heard it all over the place. The concept isn’t new so much as the explosion of how it’s being used.

We’ve now evolved from “telling the story of your brand” to “you are the brand - tell the story of you. But entrepreneurs are confused as to where to draw the line and how much is too much. “Should I invite them into my home life or keep it at the office?”

MY PREDICTION: The brands that get this right are going to emerge in front of the pack this year. Let me rephrase that: if you get this right and you understand how to tell the story of you, then you are going to realize your own dreams and goals this year.

If you get this right, you’re going to realize your dream for your own business this year.
— Teri Fode

The problem is that most entrepreneurs think they’re “boring” and they don’t really know how to “tell the story” about their own personal brand. I hear this over and over again.

I get it. It’s hard to turn the spotlight on ourselves! But as of the writing of this blog post, I can tell you not to worry because I’ve got your back. I have the solution and I’m excited to tell you that my all-new eCourse “Brand My Biz Story” will be launching this spring. Hang tight. Help is on the way and I’ve never been more excited about anything I’ve created before than this!

02/ INFLUENCER MARKETING If you haven’t noticed, social media Influencers have changed the face of marketing for this generation.

But don’t miss the segment of this type of marketing that is the biggest trend of all: Micro-Influencers.

Most experts agree that this is someone who has a following between 2,000 and 50,000 people. That has changed the game because that means anyone can now be considered an influencer.

Which brings me to my point: our marketing should be crafted like an Influencer! Our audiences are already programmed to recognize this “Influencer” type marketing!

This is a huge trend and something to dive into and pronto.

03/ PERSONAL BRANDING is huge. Not only has the photography industry as a whole embraced this type of marketing as a “genre” of photography, but the world of social media is now demanding brands to share the human element behind the business.

This is not something to shrug off as a “trend” that is here today, gone tomorrow. I predict that this has changed the face of marketing for a very long time to come.

Those of you that get this will truly stand out in your space on social media. It comes down to marketing and promoting you.

04/ BETTER RATHER THAN MORE Okay take a big deep breath because what this means is that you don’t have to post like a ninja machine.

Don’t get me wrong, showing up every day on the social media platform you’ve chosen as your primary platform is important because consistency matters.

But what it does mean is that posting less frequently but with intentional, well-created content will have more of a significant impact for you than showing up with frequent posts that you’re struggling with and then posting just to post.

IN CONCLUSION: As I write this article I’m deep in the creation of my new signature eCourse called Brand My Biz Story and it is completely centered around all four of these trends.

You might say I did my homework. You might say I’m listening. I hear you. Many of you feel the pressure to show up, authentically putting your personal brand out there in a story-telling manner like an Influencer-Boss and it makes you slink away in the shadows of your worst nightmare, wondering how in the world you’ll find it in you to get it all done, let alone get it done right.

No worries my friend. This truly is the stuff I love and God has put a fire in my heart for it. If you trust me to help you get out of your own way, you’ll emerge on the other side of confident boss ninja.

At the very least you’ll want to watch for the free info that will help set you on the right path with all of these new trends!

Stay tuned and please sign up for the Waitlist which will give you the details in your inbox when available this spring:

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