Follow these tips and you will lose weight + feel great!
— Teri Fode

I have never been a water-drinker, even when I was a child. It was always my 4th or 5th choice after everything else…anything else. A bad habit for sure.

Until now. I am officially a water drinker to the tune of one gallon a day. And it’s truly a big piece of how I’ve lost 42 pounds.

Crazy to think that my normal day of water used to consist of coffee in the morning (hey, it’s made with water!), diet coke for lunch, a few sips of water with excedrin at some point in the afternoon (duh, dehydration = headache but who knew), and then more diet coke.

No. Kidding.

Until June 4, 2018. That’s the day I woke up and said “drastic changes require…drastic changes”.

I get asked quite often “Teri, how in the world do you drink one gallon of water every day! Don’t you live in the bathroom?!”

First, yes, I do go to the bathroom a lot. But…that’s a good thing. Our bodies accumulate toxins if we don’t drink enough water!

Our bodies accumulate toxins if we don’t drink enough water!
— Teri Fode

Secondly, I have a water strategy. Let me say that again. I have a water strategy. And it works.

Here it is:

01/ WATER PREP Every night I fill up six 16.9 oz water bottles. I have a mix of Swell + Sip by Swell bottles. Any bottles will work. The tip here is to invest in water bottles + fill them up every night before bed. Trust me on this. You’re less likely to do it in the morning.

02/ WATER PLACEMENT #1 Ha! That’s a fancy way of saying I put a 7th bottle next to my bed at night so I wake up and drink it first thing in the morning.

03/ WATER PLACEMENT #2 And I put an 8th water bottle on the bathroom counter so I drink it while I’m getting ready in the morning.

04/ ON THE GO I carry one of the six bottles with me where ever I go. If I’m leaving for several hours or for an entire day, I gauge how many I need to take to make sure that I have access to drinking a bottle of water per the schedule below.

05/ GOAL SCHEDULE Here’s what works for me: By 8:00-9:00am I’ve had 32 oz of water because of the 2 water bottles by my bed and in the bathroom. I make it a goal to drink 3 of the Swell bottles before I eat lunch (which is approx 12:30pm - 1:00pm). Then, I make sure I drink the other 3 Swell bottles before dinner (approx 6:30pm). And that’s how I get one gallon in a day.

So the main takeaway here is this:

  • Prep the night before

  • Put water bottles where you know you’ll see them

  • Invest in water bottles (get pretty colors you love)

  • Don’t leave home without water bottles in your purse or a back-pack

  • Have a schedule and stick to it

BIZ BENEFIT: Entrepreneurs will be happy to know that one of the best benefits from being hydrated is the increase in productivity in a day! I seriously get so much more done now because my body and brain just works so much better.

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