Do you want to the know the "secret success" of my model program launch? It boils down to one thing and one thing only: excitement. Seriously, I make it feel like the party everyone wants to go to simply through my planned out, strategized postings online.

It's much like planning a party. If you had a big bash planned several weeks out, you would have it completely planned before the big day, right? You wouldn't run out on the day of the party and order the cake, buy the decorations, reserve the extra chairs, hire the caterer. You would have planned these things before hand.

1/ PLAN AHEAD. Marketing online is much like planning a party...except everyone is watching you plan the party. They are seeing the fun, the crazy, the hoopla, the sneak-peeks. They sense the excitement and they want to be a part of it because you're making it feel and look like an amazing, incredible experience that that is a huge build-up to the big day!

2/ CREATE A SEQUENCE OF POSTS: In the case of your senior model team, the "big day" would be the day you either release the model application for everyone to apply and/or the announcement of the chosen models. It could also be the steps leading up to a special themed photo session, or a big "closed door event". Regardless of the actual "thing" you are leading up to, there should be a series of steps revealing the big reveal.

3/ DON'T REVEAL TOO MUCH AT FIRST: The initial posts should be considered a "teaser" of things to come with a caption that is more a statement of assumption (in other words, assume the viewer already knows about the "event/happening/etc" so that there is a sense of ---what did I miss? What's going on?!).

4/ MULTIPLE PLATFORMS: Use all of the platforms you are on to push the hype. Keeping in mind, seniors are on Snapchat, Twitter and Instagram the most out of all of the available platforms out there. Your posts should be native to each platform and they should make sense for where you are posting.

5/ BRING IT HOME: The big day should be a huge splash of the reveal. It's what you've been leading up to. Too often this is a letdown for everyone watching because the poster doesn't make it big enough---so it's up to you to post a huge splash with cross-platform posting for maximum exposure and punch.  Use all of the tools available to you to do this including visuals, video, apps and sound. Oh. And don't forget the after party.

Plan, Strategize. Execute. That's online marketing at its finest.