It doesn’t matter how over-saturated the market is. If God called you to it, there’s room for you.

If you have a business or a dream of starting one, you are more than likely on social media. Side note: if you aren’t, you need to be.

So there you are, out there in the world of online marketing, sharing and talking and posting and scrolling.

You’re working and strategizing and planning and posting.

You’re finally bringing your dream to life using your God-given skills, passions and talents, and you are on a roll.

You’re putting your work out there on Instagram and building your list and feeling great about the future of this business of yours.

And then you notice her work. It’s amazing. You see his ad. It’s mesmerizing. You scroll the IG stories feed and see story after story after story and they’re all…better than yours.

You put your phone down and feel dejected. Rejected. Downright empty.

You say to yourself, “what’s the use. I’ll never grow my business. There’s so many others out there doing what I’m doing. And they’re better. They’re smarter. They’re younger. They’re prettier. There’s just not enough room out there for me and my ideas…”

And then you sink into the perpetual slump of negative self-talk which leads you to paralysis which then leads to…nothing. Absolutely nothing.


Yes, it’s true, there are a lot of people in your industry. Yes, it’s true, there are a lot of people with s similar dream. Yes, it’s true, others have blazed a trail before you.

It doesn't matter how over-saturated the market is. If God is calling you to it, there's room for you!

Did you hear that? There’s room for you.


Pursue the dream. Build your business. Write that blog. Create that thing that the world needs.

Don’t look back and don’t get distracted with all of the noise online.

God has people that need YOUR voice, YOUR skill, YOUR mind, YOUR words, YOUR talent.

So stop with the negative self-talk and replace it with these words:

“There’s room for me.”


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