Five things our customers wish we knew about them.

How well do you know your customers? When we're wearing our business hat, we tend to forget what it's like to be the customer. Here are 5 things customers wish businesses knew about them. Can you relate?

01/ I WANT GOOD SERVICE OVER FAST SERVICE: When it comes to luxury brands, high-ticket purchases and important decisions, customers prefer competent, good, quality service over quick, fast and easy. Also, "rude and impersonal" service has been cited as one of the biggest reasons customers leave a brand. 

02/ I LOVE A PLEASANT SURPRISE: Receiving something completely unexpected as a result of purchasing a product or service results in happy customers who talk and recommend the a brand to their customers. With social media being as big as it is, this could be the very thing that catapults a business into super-success.

03/ I WANT TO BUY AN EXPERIENCE: Customers want to buy a "feel good" experience over a thing or product. Experiences result in great memories. Customers are willing to pay more for this when it's offered in the right way. 

04/ I'M IMPORTANT AND I MATTER: Customers simply want to know that you value their interest, investment and time. This is the old "make me feel like I'm your one and only customer" concept. It works because...it matters. To the customer. And your business.

05/ COMPELLING BRAND STORIES MOTIVATE ME TO BUY: With the explosion of the internet, brands now have the ability to "tell their backstory and their why" more than ever before. And guess what? The customers are listening because they want to know about the companies and brands that they buy from.  Tell your story. Be authentic. Your customers are interested. 

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