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Pursue the best health of your life.

For years I had heard about “brain fog” and the fact that it’s connected to what you eat and what you do. I never really believed it or understood it until I committed to pursuing my best health. It’s really, truly, a thing. After 14 years of living with 60 extra pounds, I decided that drastic changes require…drastic changes. I started working out, eating healthier, and drinking one gallon of water a day. It set me on a path of happier…everything. Plus, I lost the brain-fog. My mind is sharper and my business is reaping the benefits, not to mention everything and everyone else that matters so dearly to me! Want to know how I did it and continue the journey with me? Check back here for my real stories and follow my Instagram Stories @terifode on IG.

Fitness spills over into everything else that matters to you. It makes you a more loving spouse, a better mom, a sharper entrepreneur, a nicer friend, a kinder soul.
— Teri Fode


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