Empty nesting doesn’t have to be empty nest syndrome. It’s a new season in life. The empty nest can bring newness and joy!
One by one they fly the coop. One by one they get married. And continues.

I went through Tori’s entire high school senior year like a zombie. With every turn, I remember thinking “this is the last ever of this and the last ever of that…”

The week we moved her into college, I thought my world was ending. My heart was so empty. I helped her decorate her dorm room while hiding my tears.

For an entire week after that, Don and I walked through the house with an emptiness neither of us had ever felt. When one of us was bawling in a heap like a baby, the other one was strong enough to pull the other one through.

Don pulled out of it weeks before I did. I remember “hiding” out in the car in the garage to muffle the sobbing…at that point he was pretty sure I was a bit depressed.

I’m sure I was. For about 6 months.

And then, one day, I pulled out of it. Until Jordan graduated 2 years later and then I went through the exact same thing all over again, this time longer.

I made it through to the other side and was discovering my life again when, out of the blue, those mourning emotions surfaced again, this time, during the summer leading up to my daughter’s wedding.

I had no idea there would be a “finalizing” of the whole process when she walked down that isle.

But honestly, how can it hurt so much to transition into this new chapter of life?

As I write this, we are planning our son’s wedding, just 6 months away. He’s the baby. and after that ceremony we will have officially done our job to completion.

Two babies. Two graduations. Two married adults.


The good news, for anyone reading this at the beginning of this season in life, please know this: there really, truly, honestly is life after kids!

While I share this “glimpse” into my own experience, it really is to let you know that you’re not alone and you’re not going crazy!

Allow yourself to mourn, cry, feel sorry for yourself, cry your self to sleep. It’s a tough transition.

But please know that your life is about to blossom into a season of amazing joy and love again! There is brightness on the other side of kids that you’ll soon see and feel!

Look up, sweet friend, a new chapter has begun. And more sweet babies will be coming right around the corner in this next season!