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YOUR BRAND STORY: This segment will help you determine and define the marketing story for your business both via a branding statement and a powerful tag-line married to the 10 words that will let you charge what you're worth. We will define this for your brand and move into the creation of visual posts with a plan to support your brand-story. This is the single most important foundation for your business so that you have a plan to truly market your business on both social media as well as classic methods of marketing.

MODEL PROGRAM + SENIOR PRICING: Teri will share the details of her model program together with the specific details of how she markets to her senior clients all year long. Her senior model program feeds into her teen/family funnel, creating year-round business to fill in the slow seasons. You will see her entire pricing system with a basic formula that will allow you to create the right pricing for your own program.

VIRTUAL MARKETING AUTOMATION: This is the power-house workflow formula that will teach you how to implement automated systems into your business so you can get your life back. Repetitive tasks, for one, can and should be automated to free you up so that you can engage authentically! This segment includes systems for automation both on your desktop and your cellphone, apps that will increase your social media workflow and the basics of outsourcing.

BLOG PUSH-MARKETING PLAN: Your blog is the most important real-estate you own. This segment will blow your mind because Teri will teach you a complete different use for your blog than you've ever thought of before. She will teach you how it can be the basis for your entire social-media program and you will walk away with an entire year's blueprint for marketing using her ninja-blog program using specifically, the Social Media Planner. All of Teri's marketing starts at this very foundational plan!

SOCIAL MEDIA SECRETS FOR THE (5) BIGGEST PLATFORMS: Social media is a game-changer, but you don't have to be everywhere. You will walk away from this segment with an actionable plan for your social media platforms including some secrets and tips for all 5 major platforms that your competition isn't doing. The 5 major platforms covered are: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat and IG Stories.