Want to cut the overwhelm? Automating much of your social media is the key. Be sure to check out the blog post all about apps that can help with the stress--->      here.

overwhelmed with social media?

I created a planner system that help you plan out your week and month social media strategy! You’ll never have balance in your life if your business runs you instead of you running your business. These Planner Pages will simplify your social media posting so you can grow the life + business you love.


Social Media is Your New Business Card

Okay. Maybe not really your new business card. But almost. It's the new marketing platform that every entrepreneur needs to master. But the good news is this: you don't have to be everywhere. Here are some tips to consider for social media SUCCESS:

01 GO DEEP NOT WIDE: You've heard me say this before: Choose 2 platforms you like and that coincide with where your target audience is. Learn the platform and the native application (in other words, the thing it's known for: pictures? text? both?)

02 BE THERE: So now that you've chosen the 2 you want to go deep on, show up regularly and consistently. 

03 ENGAGE: Respond to your commenters! Be kind and post back! Like images! Talk to people that talk to you + start conversations! (PS: All of the explanation points are there because so many entrepreneurs don't. do. this)

04 BE YOU | DO YOU: You know the drill because you know you. Don't try to be something you're not. If you're not perky and loud in real life, don't be online. Your true, authentic self is what will attract the right clients to your business. Plus, you'll like them because like-minded people attract like-minded people. Yay.

05 BE AN EXPERT: Do you want to know how people become "known" as the expert in anything they do? They say they're the expert in whatever they do. Yep. That's right. Sue B. Zimmerman is now called "The Instagram Expert" and she'll tell you herself: she named herself "The Instagram Expert". Get it? Good. Because YOU'RE "The Senior Portrait Expert" or "The Wedding Expert" or "Real Estate Expert" of your town.